Flags carried into battle

A total of four Flags of the 31st Indiana Volunteer Infantry are kept at the Indiana War Memorial in Downtown Indianapolis, Indiana.  The Flags were made of silk and bordered with a gold braid.  These Flags measured 6 foot x 6-1/2 foot.  Many of the Indiana Civil War Flags are in sad shape.  To support the restoration of the Flags, the Indiana Flag commission is selling Photos of the Flags.

You may visit their web page at: Indiana Battle Flag Collection

National Flag No. 97

This is a later Natioal Flag listing the Major Battles they fought in.

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Regimental Flag No. 98

A later Regimental Flag. The Regiment has Veternized.

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National Flag No. 99

An earlier Flag. However this was not their first National Flag.

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Regimental Flag No. 100

Also and Earlier Flag, but also not the first Regimental Flag.

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Flag No. 97 in the Indiana War Memorial Flag Collection:  This particular Flag has a Map attached showing the regiment's movements during the Civil War. This Flag is a later National Flag for the 31st Indiana Volunteer Infantry. The Major Battles that the regiment fought in are listed on the Flag as follows along with the regiment's name on the fifth from the top red strip. Notice near the middle is "31st IND. VET. VOLS.". This indicates that the Regiment was reorganized as a Veteran Regiment in January of 1864. This means that several of the men had signed up to serve until the end of the war, even if their 3 year enlistment term expires, (which would be September 1864). They were proud to be called a "Veteran Regiment".  However many later felt cheated due to the fact that they were sent to Texas after the Civil War had officially ended.


Note: Chaplin Hills is another name for the battle of Perryville, KY.

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Flag No. 98 in the Indiana War Memorial Flag Collection: This Flag is a later Regimental Flag for the 31st Indiana Volunteer Infantry. As you can see, the right side of the Flag is in bad shape. However, this is still a beautiful Flag. The reason I call the this Flag as being "later", is that the 31st Indiana Vol. Regiment was reorganized as a Veteran Regiment in January 1864. Therefore the later Flags contained the " VET.  VOLSdesignation.  See description for Flag No. 97.

        Written in the red banner  is the following;




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Flag No. 99 in the Indiana War Memorial Flag Collection: This early National Flag appears to be in reasonably good shape, but it is actually not in good shape at all. The original flag is attached to a replica backing for support. It has the following wording on the red stripe below the Star Field; " 31st INDIANA VOLS. ". This flag most likely was not ordered in March of 1863. It could possibly have been ordered earlier since it does not have "Regt." in it's lettering. The State's Flag numbering system has nothing to do with the chronological age of the flags.

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Flag No. 100 in the Indiana War Memorial Flag Collection: This earlier Regimental Flag is in extremely bad shape. This flag is believed to be part of a set of flags that were ordered in March of 1863 after the battle of Stones River. A sketch for the flag was made on Indiana Executive Dept. stationary (see copy of original) for a Regimental Flag and a National Flag. It is dated March 12, 1863. For the Regimental Flag, listed as the "Blue flag" it shows a banner with:
 31st Regt. Indiana Vols.  "  
Below the banner sketch the following battles are listed to be arranged as such;
 " Fort Donelson,  Shiloh, Chaplin Hills, Stone's River"  Below the sketches for the Regimental Flag is a sketch of the National Flag with the following on the flag;
 31st Regt. Indiana Vols. (on Red Stripe on both Sides)  " ...and below that is written;
Two Flags for 31st Regt.
The names of the battles only on one side of the blue flag.

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